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Information is power. This has been a ruling maxim in recent decades that could hardly be questioned. However, it could be said that we have gone from the ‘Information Age’ to an ‘Over-Information Age’ coming from a multitude of media and channels that have flooded our personal sphere since the internet revolution.

Therefore, now it could be said: "Quality information is power", since due to the aforementioned overinformation it is difficult to distinguish what content is accurate, rigorous, updated or adapted to our specific situation or doubts that we wish to resolve.

The comments and opinions found through internet search engines, forums or expressed by non-experts in a matter are information, but surely it will not be information that can truly solve a problem. Moreover, it will surely be scattered, incomplete, outdated information, not adjusted to the problem that it is intended to solve and will end up saturating and confusing those who just wanted to know a little more about a matter in which they are not an expert.

For this reason, at Lex Veritas Abogados we believe in specialized advice and preventive law. In most cases, with a single personal or online consultation, which does not usually take more than an hour of time, the client can see satisfied all the doubts about a present or future legal situation.

This, obviously, presents a series of advantages for the client, which we can summarize in the following:

Tranquility; knowing that you are in possession of accurate, correct, specialized information and adjusted to the specific situation that is presented to you.

Cost reduction; since in most cases, being informed will avoid unnecessary procedures or errors in them, waiting times not contemplated due to not knowing a certain procedure and unpleasant surprises that could make any type of procedure or procedure that we wish to initiate more expensive and less satisfactory. Prevention is better than cure.

Avoid unnecessary litigation. Many litigation, procedures or lawsuits could be avoided if the client had quality information that would allow him not to make mistakes or reach a satisfactory agreement before going to court.

Maximize the expected benefits. In many fields of legal action, having specialized and quality information allows you to maximize the expected benefits of a claim, project or negotiation.

Consider, for instance, the importance of the prior assessment of an expert or expert in a claim to an insurer for material or personal damage arising from a traffic accident or other circumstance; of an architect and a lawyer specialized in urban planning before the extension or reform of a house or in the drafting or supervision of a contract for the sale or rental of a property.

To conclude, we can say that in many situations preventive law is the best option, since having quality information will help us gain peace of mind, time and money. That is, in the Age of Overinformation:

Quality information is power.

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