LVA. About us. How we work. What do we do.


LVA. About us.

Lex Veritas Abogados (LVA) is a young firm, located in the center of Malaga capital, with a transparent, close and detailed vision that offers legal services aimed at promoting the growth of people and companies.

Recently and to adapt to the needs of some of its clients, Lex Veritas Abogados has opened an office in Alcobendas. Thanks to this new headquarters we will be able to offer a more agile and extensive coverage in a large part of the national territory.

How we work.

At Lex Veritas Abogados we are artisans of Law, that is, each case is a unique piece on which one or more specialists of the firm will work for that matter.

Our work is supported by tradition but also by technology, making use of both our own tools and those of third parties to make the lawyer's performance even more effective.

We are characterized by personalized and direct customer service, either in person or through telematic means, and we adjust to the specific needs of each customer.

What do we do.

We deal with different areas of law, with a team specialized by jurisdictions and subjects. In the following entries in this series of the LVA blog we will detail the subjects and types of procedures that our clients most often entrust us with and those in which we are specialists.

Among them are:

  • Specialized legal advice consultancy.

  • Civil law.

  • Claims derived from traffic accidents.

  • Commercial and business law.

  • Bankruptcy law.

  • Labor law and social security.

  • Banking and Consumer Law. Unfair terms.

  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Law.

  • New Technologies Law.

  • Criminal law.


Do not hesitate to contact our team if you wish to schedule a personal, telephone or online consultation. You can also contact us for any questions or clarification through the following means:

622.690.166 (Urgencies)



The LVA team.